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A guy who claims to have a blackhole, doesn't know what earth is, and has a hard time staying on his feet when laughing. He is of Jamaican descent and can be difficult to understand when talking fast.
Friend-"Lorenzo, how did you eat all of that??"

Lorenzo-"I don't know I guess I have a blackhole!"


Friend-"Hey my name is earth, have we met??"

Lorenzo-"Wtf is earth man?"

Friend-"Are you serious dude, you don't know what earth is?"

Lorenzo-"Nah man what is it??"
by BlacknightJB4 December 13, 2010
likes to roll and/or chill in benzos. see multiple N.W.A. and Death Row records.
"you'd rather see me in the pen than me and Lorenzo, rollin' in a benzo"-ice cube
by kidd0 January 23, 2007
-annoying person
-person with stupid comebacks (i.e. whats you say to him in the first place)
TWAT!!!! btw ur a fag

shut up dumbass faggot im no twat
btw ur a d bag

a douche bag**
by the way, i alredy called u a fag
and u dont even no wht a twat is

i called u faggot which still is the same thing but u dont even no what a twat is

good one
cuz i didnt just fuckin say that

then wtf is it

confidential u need level infinite clearence to no that
by Da Dang Da Dang June 09, 2009