A verb meaning to drink so much alcohol that one literally loses ones mind and begins to get destructive.
Bob: "Billy! What happened to your apartment? Its trashed!"

Billy: "Carlo came over last night and had so much to drink that he went Lorenzo and trashed the place."
by fixed.law March 14, 2011
husband type , smart mouth , there for you when you need him , a nice gentleman.
I love me some Lorenzo...
by by me : September 05, 2016
A Slang name, used in the song N.W.A-Fuck the Police. Pretty Raw. Can mean a man with huge dick, or man that is good in bed.
N.W.A-Fuck the Police: You'd rather see me and lorenzo rollin in a benzo than rather me in a pen.
Lorenzo is huge!
Yo nigga, waz gudd lorenzo
Lorenzos a beast in bedd!
by random_awsomeee kidz January 18, 2009
A boy who would fuck anyone and anything. He'll call you multiple times during the day and night. He's also obsessed with his butt and jaw line. You'll never find anyone as stupid
That idiot over there?, he's such a Lorenzo
by fta April 04, 2015
Lorenzo can tend to be a weak ass fuckboy who is usually short and likes to play soccer. Likes to mess with people's minds and often doesnt like a lot of people. Will pretend to like you just to talk about you behind your back. Acts cool when usually aren't and can be mean. Sometimes Lorenzos can be very nice but not around the age 11-13. A bad liar.
Middle Schooler: Hey Lorenzo is such a dick.
Boy: I know you don' want to be like him.
by plussycushion January 23, 2015
Lorenzo: Is a very stupid and retarded person that will make random weird noises often. They need special oil everyday to survive. People wonder what goes on in their head and pray to god that they wont have a lorenzo child.
Colton just pist himself what a lorenzo. John got a 20 on his test like a lorenzo. AhhhhhhhArghhhhhhhh shutup you lorenzo. You think she is hot!? Your stupid you must be a lorenzo cause she ugly as fuck. Your 1-10 in search and destroy you fucking lorenzo. Bro you like the lorenzo of the squad. Man your so lame a lorenzo gets more bitches then you.
by Browsing Babes December 23, 2014
likes to roll and/or chill in benzos. see multiple N.W.A. and Death Row records.
"you'd rather see me in the pen than me and Lorenzo, rollin' in a benzo"-ice cube
by kidd0 January 23, 2007
A guy who claims to have a blackhole, doesn't know what earth is, and has a hard time staying on his feet when laughing. He is of Jamaican descent and can be difficult to understand when talking fast.
Friend-"Lorenzo, how did you eat all of that??"

Lorenzo-"I don't know I guess I have a blackhole!"


Friend-"Hey my name is earth, have we met??"

Lorenzo-"Wtf is earth man?"

Friend-"Are you serious dude, you don't know what earth is?"

Lorenzo-"Nah man what is it??"
by BlacknightJB4 December 13, 2010
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