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Lorence N. - a guy who is extremely funny and irresistable to all women. Who has a Huge Penis. You either want to be him or want to be on top of him.

Lorence V.- it is fist pumping motion, usual done at big gathering with booming music.

Fact: 53% of all party that are shutdown are because of the Lorence
Wow "OMG" its Lorence.

I want a guy like Lorence.

Lorence is the father of my eight kids
by Robert Pettit July 27, 2011
A bizarre bird with long feathers atop his head, band tees (rarely washed), and a pet bobcat. He can be found regularly on the social media site "youtube" creating anti-religious videos and the occasional "love is a pie chart" vid. Overall chill, just bring ear plugs for the pirate metal.
What is this, Pirate metal? Gosh you look like a bird, you must be a Lorence.
by freaKENcraZIE July 28, 2011

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