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Generally called a sarcastic bastard. . . yet the person in question was clearly born in wedlock.
-Stop acting like Lorcan, your such an ass!
- I may be sarcastic but I'm no bastard.
by Slurry January 22, 2007
Irish name, derived from the name Laurence. Means Little Fierce One.
Lorcan ya bleedin tick, stop lurkin in the bushes........
by Wolfbang Connoisseur February 03, 2010
Most amazing person in the whole fricken world. He is the ultimate player, an amazing boyfriend and listens to people in need. You just simply can't beat his cuddles, kisses or hugs. He has abbs of steel and the biggest heart in the world. At the end of the day, everyone loves him.
"Hey did ya hear? Lorcan's tuning ten chicks at once this time"
by TheKingOfTheLeprechauns November 03, 2014
a very ugly rugby playing irish paddy cocksucker boy, overly into dubstep.
omg did you see my amazing tackle? cuz i'm a lorcan....
by amazingpersonmhssuckitt October 04, 2010

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