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The golden retriever is a sex act unparalleled in the clutch act to prevent an undesired pregnancy. Many young gentlemen today like to have sex without condoms. Unfortunately, most have little to zero dick control. Hence, upon blowing a hot load into some hoe's snatch, the golden retriever comes about.

Specifically, it is the act of urinating in a woman's vagina after ejaculating to flush out the viscous baby juice. It is "golden" due to its efficiency as well as the color of the exiting mixure. "Retriever" due to its ability to retrieve the semen that has the potential to destroy the next 18 years of your life.
The other night Alex and Jess had a rough sex session, but alex launched his man chowder in Jess' gaping vagina. He then utilized the golden retriever to save his future.
by Dr00Pickelz April 09, 2011
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