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A woman's vagina after she has had many different sized penises.
The slut is so loose, since she gets laid every night by a different man.
by Lizzie August 17, 2003
1. Opposite of tight. Baggy, roomy fitting.

2. Derogatory discription of a woman who has had many sexual partners.

2. Also common mis-spelling of lose.
I need a belt. My jeans are loose.

Man, yo woman's loose! (followed by receiving a punch)

Tonight, your team is going to loose.
by magicloudz December 07, 2003
the result of being a whore
Every girl in the sophmore class of westfall high school in williamsport ohio is loose
by Lette4life May 22, 2006
A term used to describe an over-fucked pussy.
That bitch is so loose, it is like throwing a hotdog down a hallway
by Jon Kohn November 11, 2003
To be exteremely inebriated by drugs, alcohol or a combination of both.
That guy is f**kn loose
by Laptop March 07, 2005
whenever your pussy is loose
"Lucy fucked so many guys that her pussy got loose and her new name became 'loosey loose'."
by Holla atcha gurl Pody March 08, 2006
Increasingly common misspelling of the verb "lose." The pronunciation listed here (L-ooooo-se) does not apply to this definition. The correct pronunciation of "loose" rhymes with "goose" and "noose." The word many people think they are spelling, "lose," rhymes with "booze" and "news."
"No matter what I do, I'm going to loose sic this chess game." The sentence should read: "No matter what I do, I'm going to lose this chess game."
by Mark Worthen September 23, 2003
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