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Meaning Somthing Creepy Or Dodgy Like No Other
Rachel:"Oh My God Do You See That Man In That Van Watching Those Little Kids?"

Kärra:"Dude, He Is So Loomis."
by ThatOneLoomisDeadChick June 11, 2009
For "luminous"; to be illuminated or apparently enlightened; after Mount Loomi -- a south-facing peak in the mythical Ionesta Range, where colored light phenomena are known to appear.
We couldn't believe how loomi Linda looked when she came back from Apparition Springs.
by Brother Hinoh January 21, 2011
adjective; used to describe a setting or situation as exciting or rad
Synonym: lit
That house party last night was loomi.
by Lovethyhoneybadger March 16, 2015
Beyond getting blue balled.

To assume you will be getting laid, popping a viagra in anticipation...only to discover that you will not be having sex tonight. You walk around with an awkward boner as a sign of your failure.
"Aw man, I totally got Loomis'd last night. Was all ready to go, and she totally shut me down..."

blue balls
by jacobyE May 24, 2011
The term "Loomis" is used to describe when youve done something stupid.

Generally, people say "to pull a Loomis" to imply that someone has done something stupid.
After forgetting that momentum had direction, Mr. Schafer said I had "pulled a Loomis"

Thomas "pulled a Loomis" by saying 8-5=8
by Johnyou123 June 16, 2010
shitty, also used to describe place of work if its a shitty place to work.
work is so loomis ya' mean!
by nigga boom August 09, 2007
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