A name for a pimp whose main clients are gamers. A Loomy generally lurks around gaming forums.
"I am too much of a nerd to find a date, I need a Loomy"
by Never Know October 04, 2006

Texting jargon that declares one's love for another.

The word originates from a typological error of the word 'know', due to the poor use of the predictive text setting of a mobile phone. As loomy bears resemblance to 'love you' this has resulted in it being commonly mistaken for a term of endearment to the extent that it is now used as such.
I Loomy my best friend.
by pishposhyo November 01, 2010
Adjective for something that looms. Quite simple, really.
"Arick's house looms. It really does. It's large and black and loomy."
{Thanks to Zack for the wonderful example.}
by Nicola Hassapis June 08, 2007

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