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ancient greek word for "Goofy"; an individual who has an unbelievable knack for using profanities with insane creativity.
"Dude, Lontrell just sang, 'You never know a good cunt until it's gone. . ."

Lontrell - "Sheeaaaatttcuntlicka muthafucka"
by DungSlinger April 27, 2010
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Has an old soul, he's very goofy and always is there for you when you need him most he will die for you no matter how bad you treat him. He will be real with you no matter what, you will loose ALOT of friends for being so real. When it comes to relationships and advice he is the man to come to, he is a sweet talker and a gentleman, 2 things that I might add he's a sexy dark gentleman and has a big long dick. He goes to church a lot and tells people about God. You will be so glad to have a Lontrell in your life. Be careful how you treat him because he will become rich. Has many different nicknames LJ, Trell, Lonnie, Uncle L, big brother, gramps, and many more
Man.....I need a lontrell in my life so bad 😭😩
by Gottolovethisdude March 13, 2017
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