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Longley is a term used to describe someone who has 'legend status'. taken from the south london surname of the mid 50s and 60s where the longleys were a 'legendary force' in the mitcham, wimbledon, balham and fulham area. to be a 'longley' was to be an untouchable. now spread to more suburban areas 'longley' is someone who people look up to and admire.
person1: what's wrong?
person2: got alot of trouble with people at school
person1: av u spoken to longley about it - im sure his quick whitted sense of humour can put them in their place
person2: yeah, i might do that - good old longley - he's one of a kind - a hero amongst men
by A Lover of 'The Longley' May 06, 2007
A longley is a creature usually located around the area of Ashford, no one is quite sure what it is or where it came from, when one is spotted it is often mistooken for a gypsy which it bears resemblence to and some say spawned from. We know little about these creatures but we what do know is that they can be dangerous if approached.
Chav 1: Shit blad! i think i just seen a Pikey in dem bushes
Chav 2: Lets go beat him up and chor his gold!
Chav 1: innit!
Chav 3: Wait that aint no fuckin gypo thats a Longley!
Chav 1+2: Lets get out of here!
by Toby Fincham August 10, 2006
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