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The University of Oklahoma is well known for its football team. This team usually dong-slaps it's in-state rivals, the Oklahoma State Cowboys (who also go by "Pokes" or even "Jokes"), and have very competitive meetings (which they usually win) with the Texas Donghorns and the Nebraska Cornhuskers. The Sooners are easily in contention for college football's national title every year. This, as you can expect, generally translates into an almost cult following by their fan base who use religious terms such as "Patriarch" for coaches and former players and "Saint" for current stars.
The University of Oklahoma's football team is easily the 2nd greatest college football program of all time.
#synonyms #success #dong-slappers #antonyms #dong-slappee #failure
by Soonerfan March 03, 2008
The befitting mascot of all University of Texas athletic teams. Their teams can't seem to rise above the status of mindless cattle.
The Longhorns lost to the Sooners...again.
#bonghorns #wronghorns #donghorns #gay #failure
by Soonerfan March 03, 2008
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