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A person that smokes cannabis alone because he/she prefers it.
I'll chill with who ever wants to blaze but smoking by yourself and being a loner stoner is the best and conservers YOUR weed from niggas.

Nothin beats the life of blazin all day and chillin :)!
by enigmaenigmaenigma July 29, 2010
1. A person who has little or no friends and smokes cannabis when nobody is around.

2. A person who has little or no friends and utilizes drugs including psychedelics, heroin and other drugs.
"Who is that guy, why don't I ever see him with someone, why does he always look bored and seems happy when talking?"

"Most likely a loner stoner, they typically get baked at night so you will never see them stoned."
by Ben Gump August 28, 2009
an insult to the person who smokes weed alone instead of hanging out with friends and smoking.
(209): lmfao i missed that?
(818): Yeah. What are you doing in there, you little lonerstoner?
(209): blazing and playing FF.
by JokestrMike89 November 04, 2009
when one of ur eyes is mad more fucked up lookin than the other one after u've somked some weed
"why is ur one eye so fucked up lookin hahaha"
"its a loner stoner hahaha"
(remember u have to be high to have one... otherwise u've just got a lazy eye)
by katiepotatiefool June 01, 2009
A person with no friends that spends their days in a corner doing drugs.
Meredith: What's that weird guy doing in that corner?
Trish: Looks like he's doing drugs.
Meredith: Seems to me like a bit of a loner stoner.
by dust123 September 19, 2009
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