Linux based operating system designed by legendary developer Christian Johnson. It is the world's first Linux based "not open source" open source OS. It's end user license agreement legally requires you to fully enjoy your experience using it and to admit that Lolzors is the world's greatest operating system.
Person 1: "Hey man I just found the best thing EVER!"

Person 2: "What is it?"

Person 1: "It's a new operating system called Lolzors! I'm legally obligated to enjoy it!"

Person 2: "Dude what the hell?"
by niblation September 03, 2012
a medical condition that takes place when loling so damn much that you get an ulcer, commonly reffered to as a lolzor.
lol,dude this kid,lol is so funny, he gamie a lolzor. the doc says i got about a week left.
by suck balls October 13, 2007
Laugh Out Loud Zombies On Rampage
an often used phrase from the Counter-Strike: Source clan <TEFT> when they are playing Zombie Mod/Escape Maps.
<TEFT>RedArrow: OHLYC they got through our cade!
<TEFT>Achr0v13: LOLZOR
<TEFT>RedArrow: Agreed we have been lolzor'd
KALKiller-Man-Jaro: xD lolzor
<TEFT>Love&Hat: hey you ain't in TEFT, you are not allowed to use it
by lolzor man February 01, 2010

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