The plural of lol. Duh.
Used when something is too funny to deserve only one lol.
Person #1: My Grandmother was savaged by wolves today
Person #2: Lols, sounds fun.
by The Insidious Dr. Fu Maxu January 31, 2007
An expression used when you feel something SHOULD be funny, but don't find it funny yourself


An expression used to convey confusion
Some Guy: lol I'm cracking halo
Another Guy: lol?

Some Guy: dude i saw sumthin weird 2day
Another Guy: lol?
by Oididoi November 07, 2004
Not to be confused with lol or LOL, LoL is an abbreviation of League of Legends, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena computer game modeled after the popular Warcraft 3 scenario, Defense of the Ancients.
LoL is alot like DotA, huh?
by jiji-K October 03, 2009
German variation of the slang lol (laughing out loud)
Player1: HACKER!!!
German One: Löööööl halt's Maul
by rappy April 02, 2004
a phrase that one uses when one has nothing better to say.
I talk to Megan everyday. I even lived with her before. And yet, all she ever has to say is lol.
by resaandhearts February 10, 2009
Literal meaning: "I acknowledge your statement"

Placed by itself during a text/instant messaging session, after a comment so lame (or awkward) that you don't want to type anything longer than three letters.
Jane: hey what's up?
Dick: (insert dumb-ass phrase that doesn't merit a response here)

Jane's thought process: "Who the fuck gives a shit? However, I feel compelled to respond."

Jane: lol
by Molly the Egg February 15, 2009
A happy face that has been bred with a lol.
It may be used in moments where a normal lol is not up to standards.
Man 1: Dude look at this cat eating a fish

Man 2: Lol)
by mmmsnsna December 30, 2008

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