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the ultimate conversation ender, means laugh out loud, people say it even though they dont laugh at all
dude 1:hey man i saw so and so today
dude 2:lol
by Piezo November 18, 2006
An expression used when you feel something SHOULD be funny, but don't find it funny yourself


An expression used to convey confusion
Some Guy: lol I'm cracking halo
Another Guy: lol?

Some Guy: dude i saw sumthin weird 2day
Another Guy: lol?
by Oididoi November 07, 2004
German variation of the slang lol (laughing out loud)
Player1: HACKER!!!
German One: Löööööl halt's Maul
by rappy April 02, 2004
Not to be confused with lol or LOL, LoL is an abbreviation of League of Legends, a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena computer game modeled after the popular Warcraft 3 scenario, Defense of the Ancients.
LoL is alot like DotA, huh?
by jiji-K October 03, 2009
a phrase that one uses when one has nothing better to say.
I talk to Megan everyday. I even lived with her before. And yet, all she ever has to say is lol.
by resaandhearts February 10, 2009
A happy face that has been bred with a lol.
It may be used in moments where a normal lol is not up to standards.
Man 1: Dude look at this cat eating a fish

Man 2: Lol)
by mmmsnsna December 30, 2008
Literal meaning: "I acknowledge your statement"

Placed by itself during a text/instant messaging session, after a comment so lame (or awkward) that you don't want to type anything longer than three letters.
Jane: hey what's up?
Dick: (insert dumb-ass phrase that doesn't merit a response here)

Jane's thought process: "Who the fuck gives a shit? However, I feel compelled to respond."

Jane: lol
by Molly the Egg February 15, 2009