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16 definitions by ihatelifemorethanyou

A subject that is easy to do and seduces you into it. Then it becomes substantially harder as you progress. Eventually, you will get gang raped by Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Multivariable calculus... watch the integral...
Person 1: Hey what did you do last night?

Person 2: Ugh i had to do math homework...

Person 1: Wow that has got to hurt...

Person 2: Yeah it sure left a mark...
by ihatelifemorethanyou April 14, 2009
People in your family who specialize in making your life hell. Depending on what kind of parents you have (asian parents are the worst), they can also make sure that you don't have a life, make you study your ass off for no reason, and basically make you a working robot.
Person 1: Hey Jimmy, coming to the party tomorrow. We gonna drink, play video games, dance and all the following above.

Jimmy: Srry guys i can't, my asian parents are making me read books in chinese.

Person 1: Dude you are so uncool.
(Poor Jimmy...)
by ihatelifemorethanyou April 13, 2009
Girls are an intricate race of polar opposites of guys. I'm not saying all girls are bad but I would say a HIGH majority of girls are just bitching attention whores. One day you're cool with them and the next they decide to randomly flip out over little piece of shit things and then proceeds to act like some brainless 2 year old.

Unfortunately statistics show that almost all of the nice, quiet girls are taken already. That leaves the rest of the girls and the G.I.R.Ls to be fairly split among desperate guys. Good luck finding a girl.
All the quiet, nice girls are overshadowed by their bitching attention hogging peers. Too bad. The world sucks but what can we do about it?
by ihatelifemorethanyou January 11, 2010
The only day of the year when it's acceptable for guys to dress up as girls in school.
Guy 1: Hey what's your costume gonna be for Halloween tomorrow?

Guy 2: I'm gonna steal my girlfriend's clothes and shoes and dress up like a blond slut.

Guy 1: Won't she mind?

Guy 2: Nan, she's curious about what I'll look like.

Next day...

Guy 1: Holy shit! You look better as a girl than a guy!!!

Guy 2: ...
by ihatelifemorethanyou October 31, 2009
The root of all power.
My dedication comes from hatred.
by ihatelifemorethanyou September 16, 2009
1): The usage of radiation from "Quasars" to enhance boob image and size, adapted from innovative Japanese technology.

2): The act of sucking soma from the enhanced cleavages of female anime characters in order to unlock an element of the periodic table of elements.

3): An anime based on definitions of 1 and 2.
Person 1: Hey did you see the new episode of Seikon no Qwaser that came out yesterday?

Person 2: There was so much sucking and moaning...

Person 1: Inorite?! Man he sucked her good!
by ihatelifemorethanyou August 20, 2010
An irritable little bitch that decides to randomly flip out over little things. They would say almost anything to get attention including random shit that haven't even crossed their non-existent hallow head before, including random capitalized letter like "NWEKLRHWL:ERJWERWER" with the "ZOMGS" and the oh-so-cunning spellings of "WONNNAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?"

Note: It is impossible to shut them up.
I thought I had a good friend, turned out she was just a pmsing attention whore.
by ihatelifemorethanyou January 11, 2010