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More than like but not love
I loike you michael!!!!!
by mrparishilton January 26, 2008
25 8
(noun,verb) The act or emotion of caring for another person to such an extent that amidst relational controversy the feeling remains.
Carol loikes Richard amidst his recent amnesia in regard to their anniversary.
by peepers April 13, 2008
15 7
The way how some residents of Guernsey, in the Channel Islands pronounce the common word 'like'.
Goin for a spin on the focken bwoikes loike!!
Yeh loike sound mate a...
by samloike May 28, 2010
10 4
The way Tom DeLonge, the co-vocalist and guitarist of blink-182, says "like".
"Loike violence, you have me, forever, and after. Loike violence, you kill me, forever, and after."

--Voilence by blink-182
by blink-one80two October 29, 2011
4 3
love and like combined
i loike you!
by sexy mama May 21, 2004
31 32