Lot of people know him from suicide squad but if you listen to his other songs he's a straight stellar rapper. One of the best of today
Logic makes rappers around him today look like ja rule
by repdeserved October 15, 2016
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Logic: A system of reasoning.

Synonym: Reason, Judgment, Common sense.
Antonym: Leviathan, Conservatism, George W. Bush.
Leviathan was at his best today, attempting to defy logic.
by anonymous June 12, 2004
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A class usually only offered at college that deals with the analysis and appraisal of arguments. There are different systems of logic for different uses, including syllogistic logic (an ancient form of logic dealing with categories), propositional logic (dealing with statements dependence on each other), quantificational logic (a sort of combination of syllogistic and propositional), modal logic (dealing with necessity and possibility), deontic logic and imperative logic (dealing with "can," "should," "will," etc.) and belief logic (dealing with patterns of belief). Most of these systems can be combined with each other and I'm pretty sure there's Wikipedia articles about all of them if you want to know more. Some classes will also cover formalized ethics (building an ethical theory with these previous systems), metalogic (the study of the logical systems themselves) and various forms of reasoning and argumentation.

It is sometimes described as math without numbers, because you learn various formulas to calculate whether or not a statement is true or false in a particular context, but the only numbers you ever see are 0 for false and 1 for true. It is also possibly the worst college course about having people bitch about how hard it is when in reality it's one of the easiest courses you can take.
Imagine a kid with Down's Syndrome handing you a piece of paper with various statements relating to the same thing on it and asking you if they make sense together. If you could handle this, you can handle a logic course. If not, you probably need to take a logic course.
by eyehatemeyeself March 19, 2010
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n. loooogic, looooogically; "logic" with a drawn-out O. An annoyance term to be used when magic ("Maaagic") is getting old or when you want to surprise someone by NOT saying "maaagic".
1) "How did you get up on the roof without a ladder?! You didn't magically poof up there, did you?"


2) "Look, look, I know you're going to tell me the answer is 'maaaagic', but seriously, what did you do to get that job?"

by Squiddy Attack January 19, 2009
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1: A term used when someone agrees with or points out the simplicity of something even though it may or may not make sense.

2: Something you add to make the crap u just spewed sound more believable.
"Dude did u buy your frigging degree, everyone knows that people come from monkeys, its logics"

"I don't know what that guy on cnn just said but it sounds fancy, it must be logics."

Guy1: Dude never answer the phone on the first ring.
Guy2: Why?
Guy3 Cause its logics, ya tard.
Guy2: You make a convincing point
by coolism101 April 19, 2010
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Something that the general population of good ole 'murica lacks.
85% of americans believe in an all-knowing invisible man in the sky. logic ftw.
by AkiraKurosawa September 02, 2011
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1. The governing force by which the universe is supposed to operate, but doesn't really.

Non-operation is defined in the sense of a computer program having an error in its programming. Sense life has not crashed, we are forced to conclude that the universe operates.

An extremely logical person will attempt to relate every event, emotion, and idea into a universal truth and will probably devote the entirety of their life to this endeavor, possibly to the point of obsession. When they fail utterly they can only say that they did the most logical thing possible.

2. An excuse to ignore the emotions, logic, ability, or worth of others in order to do whatever the hell one wants.
Boy: Why do you say that?
Girl: Monkeys are invading the world.
Boy: Where?
Girl: Everywhere.
The boy looks around the room.
Boy: But I do not see any monkeys. If monkeys are invading the world everywhere then they should be here as well. Therefore I am forced to conclude that your statement is false unless you have some other information to show me otherwise.
Girl: Stop being so damn logical! It was a freaking joke, you damn bastard! I HATE YOU! #@$&%#&@$&%#@$&!!!
by Dr. Batido November 25, 2005
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