Logic, n. The art of thinking and reasoning in strict accordance with the limitations and incapacities of the human misunderstanding.
person 1: Is that a frog?

person 2: It looks like a frog.

person 1: Aha! So logically, it must be a frog.

(both): We're geniuses!!
by qwertythetypewritersalesman June 02, 2010
The fear of Chuck Norris
I have logic.
by Logicgyfcknggr November 08, 2013
1. The governing force by which the universe is supposed to operate, but doesn't really.

Non-operation is defined in the sense of a computer program having an error in its programming. Sense life has not crashed, we are forced to conclude that the universe operates.

An extremely logical person will attempt to relate every event, emotion, and idea into a universal truth and will probably devote the entirety of their life to this endeavor, possibly to the point of obsession. When they fail utterly they can only say that they did the most logical thing possible.

2. An excuse to ignore the emotions, logic, ability, or worth of others in order to do whatever the hell one wants.
Boy: Why do you say that?
Girl: Monkeys are invading the world.
Boy: Where?
Girl: Everywhere.
The boy looks around the room.
Boy: But I do not see any monkeys. If monkeys are invading the world everywhere then they should be here as well. Therefore I am forced to conclude that your statement is false unless you have some other information to show me otherwise.
Girl: Stop being so damn logical! It was a freaking joke, you damn bastard! I HATE YOU! #@$&%#&@$&%#@$&!!!
by Dr. Batido November 25, 2005
a principle of reasoning created by humans to find some sense in the world; it is in fact nonexistent
Why is this? I ask. "Because it's logical," you say. But what is this thing called logic?
by Dusk January 02, 2005
(n.) 1. Forcing a cylindrical block through a square hole.
"I don't understand your logic!" "What do you mean? By collectively evaluating my facts, it's perfectly logical that Bill Clinton was a good president!"
by Razukin December 03, 2002
definition of logic:

all men are mortal;
socrates is a man;
hence, socrates is mortal
Men x Mortality = Men
Socrates x Men = Socrates
Socrates x Mortality = Socrates
by w00dy February 07, 2005

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