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A city between Atlanta and Athens, Georgia with around 7,000 people. The highlights of the town are the Wal-Mart, Waffle House and Huddle house.
Its main inhabitants are rednecks and speds, so hey why not come and visit it! you can get here through US 78, state highways 81 and 20.
"While driving through Loganville, I made a purchase at it's world famous 2nd largest Wal mart."
by wil July 01, 2004
A shit hole town in bum fuck Georgia, with nothing better to do but smoke pot, and go to Taco Bell.
why the hell would you want to go to Loganville, just kill yourself now.
by pig Walsh March 16, 2006
The best town in Georgia. Everyone here is happy and loves where they are from. Most people here are good 'ol country folks!
Loganville is fun and an exciting place to live!
by lgnvlcool December 07, 2006