The completely non homo act of stripping your bros down, getting them rock hard, and building a Lincoln-log-like cabin with your massive boners. Dude, it's totally not gay. What's wrong with a pile of erections? Nothing... No homo.
Scott: Alright guys! Its 10:30! Time to build a log cabin!

Jeff: Oh yes guys! I've been looking forward to this all night, I've had a boner for 5 hours!

Nick: I'm pulsating.
by MassiveMangasm 8==D June 29, 2010
A term used to describe a gay republican. It refers to Abraham Lincoln - a Republican president whose sexuality has long been debated. Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin.
Person One: Dick Cheney's daughter is a lesbian?!?
Person Two: Yea, she's a log cabin republican.
Person One: What a bitch!
by Splurge24 August 19, 2008
An enclosed lavatory, containing a toilet, especially when used for defaecation. 'Log' referring to poo, due to its brown coloration and tendency to float. Throne room.
Man with a turtle head: "Jesus Christ! I've gotta go to the log cabin quick!"
Pal: "What?"
Man with a turtle head: "I've got to 'see a man about a log'."
Pal: "Don't you mean 'dog'?"
Man with a turtle head: "No! Out of my way!"
by Goatlips July 23, 2008
A failed attempt at a Dutch Oven which results in the culprit shitting the bed with the victim still under the sheets.
I tried to give the wife a Dutch Oven, but i tried to hard and gave her a Log Cabin
by Filthy Jew January 13, 2005
The act of re-using a condom.

Just like a log cabin, the condom becomes shoddier with each use and will eventually break or fall apart
Two Guys at a Party:

Guy 1: Dude, theres a wasted chick downstairs that wants to NAIL me!

Guy 2: So what the HELL are you doing up here?!

Guy 1: I don't have a condom. Please dude, you Gotta help me!

Guy 2: Well, you can take one from my waste basket if you don't mind giving her a little Log Cabin action!
by Tom K. February 06, 2005
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