an unattractive person who waits by your locker,follows, or waits to talk to you during school
"oh gosh, weird marshall has been waiting for you after 6th period every day"

"I know he is such a locker stalker"
by youlia February 06, 2009
Top Definition
1)A person who stalks individuals directly next to or near where their locker happens to be situated.
2)A creeper who corners an unsuspecting person innocently trying to retrieve books and other necessities out of their locker. The said person cannot leave until they get their books together and secure their lock. This gives the locker stalker ample time to start a conversation and give the unfortunate victim a hug. During this interaction the victim is trying to figure out if they have ever even met the locker stalker.
Kala: "Ciara is such a locker stalker!"
Jody: "I know, she hugs that poor freshman every time he stops at his locker."
Ciara: "I got his number today!!"
Jody and Kala: "locker stalker!"
by Kala H. December 18, 2008
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