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Is one of the sweetest and most beautiful women around. They are among the smartest of people. They often have very bright futures ahead of them. When it comes to their love life they are quite possibly the best of lovers. They care more than anyone about how their significant other is, and they will do anything to make sure that they are happy. Kala's are also very fashionable and are often hit on by lots of guys. They can be seen on college campuses or in the workplace with guys drooling all over them.
"I wish that my girlfriend was a Kala."

"Why can't everyone have a Kala like that??"
by Lablah5 February 03, 2010
a best friend who is always there for you but doesnt really have an opinion on things who everyone loves
wow i wish u were like kala
by woman December 03, 2004
Meaning Black in urdu, the official language of Pakistan.

Refers to any black masculine object.
What's the color of your dress?

Oh my dress is kala with gray flowers
by Laayla March 03, 2005
awsome, cool, nice, hot person who is the greatest!
that girl is like "KALA".
by sasha March 26, 2005
Greek word for good.
A: Ti kanis re?
B: Kala, poli kala, ala xtes to ouzo me ekene resili...
A: Kala, ti epathe?
B: Ase me, re.
by Ellie_Belly January 13, 2006
is a term used (in Pakistan) to refer to a situation where a person is ditched by another person or gets an

unexpected, outrageous result out of something.
she gave a kala to him even though he was very nice to her.
by bit10a-seecs-nust December 11, 2011
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