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(Lob-sta-boi) First sighted in Cancun, Mexico Lobster Boy emerges from a mix of ADD, severe sunburn and extensive alcohol consumption. Lobster Boy always kills it in the club with sick dance moves and fancy hand gestures. Although he acts like a dick to all the ladies at the club/pool bar they flock to his side, these girls are referred to as lobster girls. His signature move is the lobster crawl and is know for insighting with 100+ people he doesnt know. His hobbies include spending the last of his money on mexican baby doll puppets, and verbally assaulting women. There have been recent sightings of Lobster Boy in Albany, New York but he mainly resides in Cancun.
"Wow did you see Lobster Boy killing it on the dance floor, he was such a dick to all the ladies but they still wanted him"

Person 1: "Oh my god that extremely sun burnt guy just dunked me under the water and ran away, hes so dreamy!"
Person 2: "holy shit thats the infamous lobster boy!"
by No one shhhh May 21, 2014
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