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Hooking up with an extremely inebriated chick and fucking her brains out until she barfs, then cumming on top of the barf pile.
I met this chick at the bar last night and it turned in to a Loaded Baked Potato.
by THAT GUY NUMBER 2 June 08, 2009
the act of performing veracious anal thrustage while the anal cavity has reached maximum fecal capacity. After fertilizing the know tender "potato" with your seed, place a dinner saucer beneath the anus. Watch the steaming spud plop onto the saucer with with copious amounts of your freshly churned genetic sour cream.

See also 'gravy boat'
Anytime Johny wants a loaded baked potato, I bend over and tell him "Fill 'er up!"
by Dock and Load! September 12, 2009
When you take a dump in a pillow case and then while fucking from behind you smash their face into the pillow
In order to perform the loaded baked potato doody must be put in the pillowcase
by Jackie Janson August 21, 2008
The paradoxical visual juxtaposition of a youthful-looking vaginal area/pelvic triangle coupled by bloated and probably overstimulated, dirty and discolored labia.
Wizard sleeves - far before the vagina's time.
I saw you staring at Anberlin's booty-shorts camel toe, but you don't know that bitch gots loaded baked potato!
by Joshua Jordan Nordyke August 20, 2008
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