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a word from "Dude Where's My Car" meaning kickass awesome tubular neato gnarly or anything in the lines of that
Jesse- "dude that's totally shibbie"
Chester- "check out that hot chick"
by Shibbie Chica February 17, 2005
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Used to define some thing that has happneded, about to happen or some thing that has been said between two people.
This 'Some thing' Will be more than awesome, only one word will be able to define how awesome this something is, and that word is Shibbie.
The word Shibbie is usaly followed by a Hi-5.
Ally: Dude my girlfriend was round last night, I bit the cherry muffin!

Adam: Shibbie!

*Totally cool Hi-5*
by Adam Staton May 02, 2007
a word used by rarey anyone who in their right mind has dignety
brad:hey bra keppit real huh shibbie
charles:to wit i shalt return the passage from a book, sir you are an ass
by peter stocks June 24, 2003

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