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-A town located in NNSW, know by some as "lishole" because lismore is literally located in a hole, and the gronks, bums, whores and poverty of lismore.
-The Wilson river runs through lismore and is the most disgusting river EVER, brown as shit, bad milk is emptied hourly by local NORCO, i would not be surprised if there where human bones located at the bottom
-"lismore is such a hole"
-"good week on the coast, now to head back to lishole, how depressing"
by 187ontheundercover December 01, 2012
a name for a beautiful lady with tanned smooth skin, blonde hair, sexy, gorgeous and great personality.
-guys im asking ebony to the formal
-aha good luck she is the hottest girl around!
by 187ontheundercover December 01, 2012
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