To be tripping on LSD and Psilocin simultaneously
Coaster ate an 8th of Gold Caps before he entered the rave, then someone sold him a ten strip of acid and he consumed half of them. Liquify was the name of the game from then on, drip drip went the ceiling, splash splash went the floor, mush mush went the glowyness.
by Zasabi August 19, 2008
Top Definition
a filter in photoshop used to make fat people look thin.
They used liquify on Kelly Osbourne for her photoshoot to make her look like she was thin.
by ilikethings November 06, 2009
To urinate; to dispel liquid from ones body through the urethra.
I need to liquify like a fire hose.
by Scrunchy HigginsmcBean August 05, 2006
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