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Jagermeister and goldschlager. A drink so potent when buying both togeather the sales clerk asked if i was trying to kill myself.
Liquid Cocaine, the cure for everything.
by dmonney August 11, 2005
Shot that consists of 151,jagermeister, and goldschlager.
My freind Kevin had a shot and instantly spit it up and peed himself.
by jerryblank May 16, 2005
1 Part Jaggermister, 1 Part Rumplemintz, 1 Part Goldschalger mix and shake with ice and pour shots. Very Peotent and can knock your dick in the dirt
That Liquid Cocaine just kicked my ass!
by andaub2002 April 03, 2010
When u get a blow job from a girl and right before ejaculation, pull out and nut up her nose ..
my bitch got a bad case of the drip after i gave her liquid cocaine ownd
by secks September 22, 2003
This action occurs when one partner is giving the other partner (has to be a male or a very talented female) sexual activity where one person uses their mouth to stimulate the other's genitals. The fallatio process stays pretty much unchanged except right before he, or our very talented females, are about to ejaculate. At this point the penis is put up to the nose of the very generous giver and the ejaculation process is completed.
Jack and Jill were getting down, Then the stars alined and Jack screamed "I'm about to come" Jill thought she would be a good girlfriend and give him one more slide on the pole. Just as Jill's mouth came off Jack's penis Jack moved forward, propelling his penis into Jill's unexpecting nose and gave her a joy even Tony Montana couldn't create. She had just taken a shot of liquid cocaine.
by Curty, Adam, Keat, Steffanie February 07, 2009
A common name for the drink Four Loko
Four-Loko is like liquid cocaine
by BigPoDaddy October 26, 2010
to receive a blow job, right before cum , pull out and jizz up her nose
sweet victory,liquid cocaine
by thunder daddy July 13, 2010