n. 1. an intense case of diarrhea that usually results in a bubbling of the stomach. Since food typically leaves the body in a solid form, "liquid" denotes the composition during this stage of chaotic digestion.

2. term typically used by athletes to denote that they are dehydrated and are in need of a refreshing beverage.
1. Hold up, man! I just ate 3 bean tacos with southern hot sauce and its 95 degrees outside...Bro, I got the liquids!

2. We been ballin' for 3 hours and I need some liquids.
by barrettDC June 29, 2005
Top Definition
a type of danceing that is popular on the Rave scene.
did you see that guy liquid?!!!
I rock at doing liquid!!!
by Smythe February 27, 2003
1) money in the form of bills or coins; currency; cash

2) of or obtained by means of bills or coins, or cash

Note that plasticity is to the credit card as liquidity is to cash.
"I'm outta liquid, but I still gots the plastic to cover our meal."

"The electric bill's due, but all I've got is liquid!"
#cash #coin #currency #plastic #credit card
by Kevin_K May 19, 2006
LSD in its purist and in liquid form
by Anonymous March 26, 2003
A successful artist of the jungle-era with such classics as "Sweet Harmony" and "House (As A Feeling)". Born Eamon Downes.
In a sweeeeet harmonyyyyyy
by krapnek February 08, 2004
Something that Tom Green is not.
--Tom:"I'm not made of liquid, John! I'm not made of LIQUID!"
-John:"What DOES THAT MEAN!!"
by larstait October 11, 2003
Something Tom Green Most Definatly is not - Stealing Harvard.
The Correct Quote From the Movie, unlike the above -Tom Green - I'm Not Liquid John, I'm Not Liquid, I'm Not Liquid John. -John - What does that mean?!? -Tom Green - It means I don't have your money John
by Electric Jesus March 19, 2005
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