what you call some asshead's inability to shut the hell up...you know, when someone lets a lot of crap come out of his mouth...
Kid #1: Once, when I was little, I fell off of a tree, I broke my leg and had a cast on it forever, and my sister was really mean to me when I was little. That's probably why I don't trust women, but that's too much information. You probably don't really want to hear about it. Well, I suppose you don't mind. You're a really good listener. I've never met anyone like you.
Kid #2: SHUT UP. What, did you test positive for Lipshitz??
by ThisBirdHasFlown April 13, 2005
Top Definition
The psychologist in the Rugrats
Lipshitz says Tommy and Chucky are turning soft.
by Diosan Borrego October 11, 2007
A jew you send to do things you dont feel like doing and/or goof on when you are in a bad mood.
Yo, Lipshitz, go get me a snapple.
by Bobby 2 year April 08, 2010
a gang from trenton, new jersey. If you see a lipshitz gang member the best thing to do is run in the other direction or hide.
my best friend was killed by a lipshitz gang member.
by Kevin Slachta December 31, 2008
to take a shit and put a lip in
The fat jew had to take a lipshitz
by stm85 August 12, 2007
Newest partner in the New Cumberland, PA law firm of Minnich, Minnich, Minnich and Lipshitz.
I got butt-bruised from The Tommy Torpedo Pickle Project and got my respresentation from Minnich, Minnich, Minnich and Lipshitz.
by Poop Shoot Nation September 30, 2006
What happens when your done tossing your gurls salad
you eat out your girls asshole then you cum out with brown lips hens LIPSHITZ
by Ya-Right October 28, 2007
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