3 definitions by ThisBirdHasFlown

the most annoyingly over-fucking-used word EVER
Kid #1: Fo shizzle.
by ThisBirdHasFlown April 13, 2005
what you call some asshead's inability to shut the hell up...you know, when someone lets a lot of crap come out of his mouth...
Kid #1: Once, when I was little, I fell off of a tree, I broke my leg and had a cast on it forever, and my sister was really mean to me when I was little. That's probably why I don't trust women, but that's too much information. You probably don't really want to hear about it. Well, I suppose you don't mind. You're a really good listener. I've never met anyone like you.
Kid #2: SHUT UP. What, did you test positive for Lipshitz??
by ThisBirdHasFlown April 13, 2005
a name you can call any a-hole named Aaron who might have a tiny prick or just act like one, you know...like one as small as a AA battery.
Receptionist- how do you spell that?
Aaron (the prick)- Double "A" Ron
Receptionist- like the battery? huh.
by ThisBirdHasFlown April 06, 2005

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