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Lipstick or other lip crud that accumulates on a person's coffee mug, soda can, drinking straw, etc.
The lipshit on that can of Tab came from Mary's lipstick.
by Carl Stawicki June 07, 2009
name for the doof with his right arm being shorter than the left. also known as lefty.
hey lipshits nice of you to come to work today.
by Melissa Polak April 15, 2006
cluster of dried grime on the corner of the mouth and lips; usually found on individuals who don't know how to clean their mouths or just don't clean themselves in general
a: 'hey what's that on your lip?'
b: 'its just lipshit!
by goodolpal February 06, 2011
just vomit
person: why weren't you at school today?

other person: i was lip shitting all morning
by coralis November 09, 2008
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