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After sex/whatever gets him off, the man takes a little of his junk, spreads a line on the girls forehead and whispers "simba"
Holy shit, I lion kinged her last night.
by hahawhoa October 28, 2009
107 127
When having sex, you pull out right before you ejaculate. Go in your own hand. Get the girl to face you and before she realizes it, use your thumb to smear some sperm across her forehead and say "Simba".
"I used the Lion King on my girlfriend last night"
by Chris Acosta March 28, 2005
4601 1143
The best Disney movie. Ever.
The Lion King is great.
by Jeff October 14, 2003
1378 704
When you go all lion king on your phone, and put it high up in the air to get reception.
Yesterday I was in the subway and had to go lion king on my phone to get some bars
by Timbit June 05, 2012
116 74
My favourite movie and soundtrack of all time
can you feel the love tonight? the peace the evening brings
by ELyse November 17, 2004
641 631
The act of making out with or fornicating on a inanimate object. Often used in dares or bets. Common forms: Lionkinging(gerund), Lionking(verb).
Dude, go lionking that tree!

Look! She is lionkinging that fire hydrant!
by Vmonay May 25, 2012
10 19
by FAR the best Disney movie ever x3 especially becuase disney is making crappy movies now

and yes i know all the words to the songs and basically the whole movie...x3
simba: hey uncle scar guess wat?
scar: *mutters* i despise guessing games..

simba: hey scar when im king, what'll that make you?
scar: a monkeys uncle
simba: *laughs* ur so wierd
scar: u have nooo ideaa

Timon: what do u want me to do dress in drag and do the hula!?!

last one ;)
Pumbaa: as my good buddy timon always says, u gotta out ur behind in ur past...uhhhh
timon: no no no, amature, sit down b4 u hurt yourself..(now to simba)its you gotta put ur past, behind you....bad things happen and theres nothing u can do about it right?
simba: right..
timon: WRONG, when the world turns its bac on u, u turn ur bac on da world
simba: well thats not wat i was taught
timon: well maybe u need a new lesson....
*hakuna matata*

hehe x3 im not lion king obsessed wat R u talking about *shifty eyes*
by snoww July 15, 2006
360 392