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You hear this phrase often when watching the beijing 2008 Olympic game on TV or on Stage. This Mandarin phrase literally translates into "Add Oil" in English, as oppose Ka-Yaow in Cantonese, meaning: Go Go Go. or just simply cheering for anyone or your favorite team of sport.
Jia Yo, Jia Yo, Mey Guo Jia Yo....
go go USA, USA, USA
#jia yo #ka-yaow #add oil #jia you #ka-yow
by wayx3 August 12, 2008
the opposite of pessimism porn.
meaning people who rather believe in the fairy tales that the outside forces(ie such as God or the gov't) will keep supporting you and you can continue to be ignorant of current consequences.
economy is down the toilet, I still see enough optimism opium addicts.
#optimism opium #pessmism porn #peter schiff #gerald celente #alex jones #ron paul #federal reserve
by wayx3 April 22, 2009
As defined as people who go to YouTube and search Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente's video about the negativity of America.

the Opposite of that would the Optimism Orgy
Hey who are the top pessimism porn of today?
#peter schiff #gerald celente #pessimism porn #optimism orgy #ron paul #federal reserve
by wayx3 April 17, 2009
acronym of a shopaholic and plus a retard, but we use "tart" instead of "tard" to make it sound as good as "egg-tarts"

it also describe bimbos who knew nothing besides shopping at the malls and has a brain as flat as an egg-tart.
Chris: Man she looks happy shopping here all the time!
Joe: That's because she's a shoptart, she will be broke and lonely once her boyfriend cut her off!
#shopaholics #savers #shoptarts #bimbo #eggtarts
by wayx3 June 13, 2010
Jeremy Lin's Trademark: coined by NY Daily News When the NY Knicks was on a losing streak so bad, and the team desperate needed a point guard, they found Jeremy Lin. Lin has turned around and made the Knicks back in the game with a 7 winning streak gave him the instant popularity, therefore linsanity.
OMG Knicks has gone Linsanity
#linsanity #linsane #linderalla #knicks #nba
by wayx3 February 25, 2012
From the movie new guy: the new guy who got bad reputation from one high school where he gets picked on, and the transfer to another high school where he rebuild his reputations with attitudes as oppose to his old dorky one. After he was being exposed by his foe, the crowd call him "prodick"

meaning: pretend to be something so much that you're not
Hey prodick, is anything you do that's real? are you strong enough to take down someone else?
#prodick #new guy #dick #pussy #ass
by wayx3 April 17, 2009
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