the meal that is hours after lunch, but too early for dinner
I skipped breakfast and lunch, but can't wait for linner!
by kelvet January 13, 2011
Lunch and Dinner combined around 3 pm in the afternoon.
The boy asked me to go to linner with him on Tuesday.
by Lady carmine December 06, 2015
the meal time between lunch and dinner
such a brunch is between breakfast and lunch
Do you want to meet for LINNER around 4?
by Rob_T June 19, 2007
A biased judge. Often selecting people based on flirtation and previous ... arangements.

Named after the great chorus teacher himself.
Man, Bill should've gotten the role, but the judge was a real linner and it went to the guy that biffed his audition.
by David Gustafson June 07, 2004
When you don't have lunch, but eat a big Dinner instaed.(Lunch + Dinner)
I took my Wife out to Linner.
by Wade May 23, 2003
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