A kickass band from Agoura Hills, California. The only GOOD band that can combine rap and rock together. And despite their song Breaking The Habit, the band is NOT emo. Some good Linkin Park songs are Numb, Faint, From The Inside, What I've Done, In The End, Crawling, Somewhere I Belong, Paper Cut, Given Up, One Step Closer, Hit The Floor, Nobodys Listening, and many more. Anyone who says that they suck can lick a shit-stained taint.
Idiot: Linkin Park sucks!
Me: Go lick some balls. Linkin Park kicks ass.
Idiot: Oh yeah, well the main singer has a whiny, crybaby voice.
Me: Shut the fuck up. You can tell me that Linkin Park sucks when YOU can sing like Chester Bennington!
*Beats the living shit out of Idiot*
by Death Shredder June 26, 2007
All good until they turned with JZ fukin now they suck balls. Hybrid Theory what cool, but now it is just pure rap Bull shit
by Samus February 19, 2005
Best fucking band ever
omfg linkin park is so fucking awesome!!
by tyler... January 06, 2008
Linkin Park is a very succesful band that have been around since about 1996 (I think).They use personal experiances & hardships to attain their amazing lyrics,& have saved MANY lives,including mine.
Yes,they have sung about running away,but when have any of you fags not wanted to run from something going on in your lives?If you havent,then you cant judge people who HAVE had something to run from.
Many people who like Linkin Park tend to like Brokencyde,Paramore,Nickelback,Papa Roach,My Darkest Days,Shinedown,Three Days Grace,Foo Fighters,3 Doors Down,etc.
Some of their most popular songs would be Numb,Bleed It Out,The Catalyst,Waiting For The End,or In The End.
Anyone who calls them 'Emo' or 'Sucky' tend to be punk ass bitches who have nothing better to do with their time then go onto UD under bands they kind of dislike & talk trash about the band the way many people talk trash to them.To them I say Get A Damn Life,No One Likes You Either
Me-There ARE fans over 21,since the majority of my family (& the adults.Biggest fan in my family besides myself,male cousin {Not gay,hes married & has a daughter} whos 39)
Me-Any Linkin Park haters (Yes,thats what yall are,haters) will thumbs down this,& I DONT CARE
Me-Their fans are not just suburban 'depressed' posers,sinces Im a HUGE fan,never even BEEN to a suburban neighborhood,& had PLENTY of reasons to be depressed.
Me-To the people who wrote the shit I just corrected,go suck a dick,you fags
A rock band from California that is known for their odd combination of rock, rap, and electronica. A pretty good band that made international rock stars out of six average Joes with names like Chester and, uh, Joe.
Linkin Park is a pretty good band.
by Greenzorz April 25, 2011
Linkin Park is amazing. I don't care what 'new' stuff they did, I love each and every song. I don't care who you are, I'll always think they're amazing. Their best song is... oh wait, I forgot, every song is AMAZING. They make great music, some genres are:
Alternative metal
Rap rock
Alternative rock.
Idiot: Linkin Park sucks.
Me: Go listen to Wiz Khalifa faggot. Linkin Park is real music with alternative metal and rock with rap and nu metal!!!
Idiot *goes and cries in the corner.*
by DMWest13 September 24, 2011
A rock band that does more than rock. They have released 4 studio albums and have been around since 2000. Their songs are invarriably emotional in at least one way and always at least a bit angsty or angry. If you are having a hard time, put in a Linkin Park album and listen to it alone for a couple hours.
Linkin Park is a great band compared to the average garbage. I won't call them the best because I can't possible judge for everyone. Anyway, their work began in 2000 with Hybrid Theory- a great peice of Nu-metal. Their second album was Meteora, which was in a more "emo" direction. Their third album, 2007's Minutes to Midnight was a radical departure from their earlier Nu-metal sound. The album was much more melodic, but contained their first F-bombs. They were also more political and hte album featured a mix between the downcast and fiery songs. Their fourth album, 2010's A Thousand Suns is an odd album. It is apocalyptic and very melodic in a downcast way. It is the logical continuation of Minutes to Midnight and is the most artistic. It plays more like one long song.
by Cogitator December 30, 2010
*Awesome band that is often criticised by losers.

*Listened to by many different types of people.

*The bands original name was Hybrid Theory
Me: "Nah... I don't really like Linkin Park"
A girl: "You should try listening to them, they are great!"
Later on I "acquired" some songs and was hooked, they started my obsession for music.
by Jon Smith from HHS May 11, 2005
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