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2 definitions by inksplot

Canadian band. They seem to be more kid-oriented, and like most people I can't really see them doing marijuana or injuring people. They write about their own experiences and what they've seen throughout life. Hey, isn't that what all music artists do?
Er...just listen to the music. That's example enough.
by inksplot March 11, 2005
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Linkin Park is a band consisting of 6 guys. The majority of their collection of songs is somewhat dark and grim. I think the genre is rap/metal is what I've heard.
Now, I've heard that most people don't like Linkin Park, but that's only because LP's style does not appeal to them. Well, to each his own, as I would say. If you don't like it, keep your mouth shut.
"Hey, did you hear "Breaking the Habit?"
"Yeah, isn't it that song about suicide?"
"Heck yeah, like it can't get any grimmer than that."
by inksplot March 11, 2005
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