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Someone who hangs around where they are not wanted
I cant believe she came to the club with us, she is such a lingerer!
by Bubz27 May 29, 2008
141 29
One who stays around longer than wanted.
She's a lingerer, it's the block that covers my cock.
by VikParty December 30, 2012
10 0
A type of fart, usually wet, that tends to have a stronger and longer lasting stink to it than a normal fart, and can even seem to "follow" one around.
Sarah came by my department at work today and almost threw up when she smelled the lingerer I had ripped almost 5 minutes before she arrived.
by pizzatastesgoodinmymouth69 November 25, 2013
4 0
Chunks of diarrhea that refuse to go down the toilet bowl after the first flush. Chunks that remain after the 2nd and 3rd flush are then known as Stallion Lingerers.
Toilet user #2: Ahh, shit! Johnny left some Lingerers behind!

Toilet user #1: Actually those are Stallion Lingerers, I flushed 4 times.
by CharlesPoops February 27, 2010
3 2