lacking uniformity in thoughts in a haphazard way; at random, without definite aim, purpose, method, or adherence to prior conversion topic; being seprated from concrete realities and dimensions; difficult to understand; off-topic
''You're doing a ling-ling"

"Don't ling on me now"
Top Definition
The playful nickname originally given to Aisling Abbey.

(Not to be confused with the drawn together character)

Can be shortened to 'Ling'.
Credit goes to Jamesy.
Friend:''Hey Ling Ling, would you like a glass of Pink grapefruit and Cranberry juice?''

Aisling: ''Yes.''
by Linglingx December 21, 2008
A person of asian origin or legacy.
There are currently more than 3,879,000,000 ling ling people spread around the globe!
by NightfallUD December 24, 2010
A half white half mexican girl who is a want to be asian panda.
Hey that's Jessica Lingling!
by AznBoy!666 October 29, 2010
Pet name usually given to any female of Asian decent( regardless of age) who exhibits any slutty/bad/ghetto qualities. Often attempts to spite her parents by doing the complete opposite of what the common Asian woman stereotypes.
"I saw Ling Ling giving Tevontae a blowjob in the back of the bus yesterday"

(after sneaking out of her late night SAT prep class to turn up at the club) "Get it, Ling Ling Ling!"
by LingLingTayvontae October 04, 2015
a panda with no life, living under a rock. generally loves lavender, unless suffering from pitiable amounts of pms. has difficulties - smile =]
"i craave that chick"

"its lingling"

"okay. i take that back"
by izzaay November 18, 2007
A name that only a person named Linda can have
Linda you're such a Ling Ling
by NateDGreat October 14, 2015

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