to act drunk when you are not; trying to fit in with the crowd and make yourself look cool when really it makes you look like a huge loser; common occurence among designated drivers.
Person 1: "hey man, what are you drinkin tonight?"
Person 2: "nothin, i'm gonna ling it"
at party...
Person 3: "wow, that guy is real drunk!"
Person 1: "naw man, he hasn't drank anything tonight....he's linging"
Person 3: "ohh....dude you're such a linger!"
a year later....
Person 3: "dude, remember that time you lung??"
by SusieQ252 July 15, 2006
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(n.) An abbreviation for the small cheep Zergling unit in the Blizzard game, Starcraft. Zerg Rush
OMG!!! So many lings!!! RUN!!!!!!
by SacJester March 04, 2004
Excessively small male genetalia; synonym: chode
Poor Jon Ling, he has an enourmously lingish ling.
by the one February 09, 2005
Multiple use word,
Can be used to describe something cool or happy, Such as "that's linging"

"Im happy, ling"

"Thats linging man"
by Rave July 21, 2003
(boontling) language, one's language
You can't harp my ling.
by Frank Booth January 02, 2005
An abbreviation of the word "feelings". It is most commonly used in chat sessions such as MSN or AIM.
That woman hurt my lings after breaking up with me.
by Bigmac January 02, 2005
someone who "lingers" around when you don't want them there.
Dude, youre such a ling! That cop was lingin! I'll find something else to do, i dont wanna ling.
by shmobbinnigga January 20, 2011
A chacter from Kung Pow: Enter the Fist.
She is somewhat of the Chosen One's companion. Although she really wasn't needed in the movie, she provided some good quotes for all Kung Pow fans.
Chosen One: "You broke a thermometer in my hand"
Ling:"Rub it it my hair..."
by Elise W. November 03, 2004

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