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a file sharing program without any spyware or adware unlike kazaa
FUCK kazaa use limewire!
by yoyoyo July 01, 2004
what you tell the po-po you're carrying when they pull you over.
I swear officer, this shit's oregano.
by yoyoyo October 04, 2003
gorgeous soccer player. best soccer player in the whole world
There can't be another Mia Hamm.
by yoyoyo October 08, 2003
1. (n) feces

2. (v.i.) to defecate
1. There is poop on the floor.

2. Damn cat, did you poop on the floor? That's it; you're dead. Come here. I said come here! Don't run under the couch. You can't hide under there forever!
by YoYoYo February 09, 2005
Poop that is retarded that people think is safisticated, yet its just fake boring poop!
Peacock read the piece of literature and was a trad.
by YOYOYO January 29, 2005
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