to lick toad to get high; otherwise known as frenching the prince and doing kermit
Guy #1: Dude, lets go get high.

Guy #2: How?

Guy #1: Lets go lilypadding.
by I'm anonymous July 10, 2008
When on a hot summer day, your balls dip in to the swampy funk of a heavily used toilet.
It was a hot, humid day, and had to take a massive deuce. Upon placing my buttocks on the nearest turd receptacle my balls immediately made splash down with the pre-existing filth below. Lilypadding had just occurred.
by Benicio Del Toro January 18, 2013
1) To stuff a toilet with toilet paper and crap on top of said toilet paper.
Chris walked into his bathroom only to find out that during the night his friends had been lilypadding his bathroom
by Eazy886 January 31, 2008
When a girl is performing oral sex on a guy, and does not acquiesce to go past the glans -- thus just staying at the top: like a frog on a lilypad.
(1): Hey man, did you cop dome from her yet?
(2): I was about to, then she starts lilypadding so I chucked the deux
by bieberhole925 January 16, 2014
going from place to place, sometimes in a frog-like fashion; "to go lily padding"; more commonly phrased as lets bounce, Let's blow this popsicle stand!, etc.
Dude, this party sucks... let's go lily padding until we find another party that isn't as lame.
by Big Mike February 21, 2005

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