Omg the most gorgeous girl in the world is so amazing boys and GIRLS like her no questions asked.... but her and a tiger are normally perfect..... we acctully no but what ever lily can do way better then tiger he is ugly with acne and lily is a beautiful beterfly that need to make her move and fly away from the nest ... and then a huge ass blimp will come hit her and she fell to the ground and sombody named dimetre will come kiss her and she will wake up then everybody will laugh because she kissed dimetree....awko toco. .... and there is acctully a evil guy named alex that has a hidiase girl friend that like wemon and has boob acne she is litarly like a troll she is the grosset thing ever... yes this relates to lily because alex is her ex..... ellie like eating girls out and lily liks sucking guys toes it makes her horney...... esspechilly with hunny on the toes she normally says somthing like "o so nice" or "yeah more more" and the guys get turned off and never come back.. but she acctully is beautiful so all u guys should fuckk off
by jumponmydickanduwillhavefun December 02, 2011
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A Lily is a success at life.
- Wow!!! That person is so successful; she has a loving family, a well-paying career, and still manages to balance her social life!!!
- I know! I believe that is what one would call a... Lily.
by Doctor Worm August 13, 2010
An amazing name. People with this name usually kick ass at everything they do.
Lily is so kick ass. Id tap that.
by Fuckyouuuuuuuusjdksa October 27, 2007
A Lily is a magical , mystical being put here on this earth to enliven and enlighten mere mortals .

To know a Lily is to experience a piece of heaven .

Simply a Shining Star :)
Anjelica : Lily is a beautiful soul and is pure of heart .

Rod : Yah, she's a pretty sly little fox too (wink , wink)

Zac : Don't ever let a Lily slip away from your life .
by Summer's Honey Wine January 13, 2013
Girls named Lily are beautiful and talented. They have the best taste in music. They are fun to talk to. Fun to be with. Any guy would be lucky to date a Lily. So guys, if you have a Lily, don't let her go!! And for the girls, Lily is the best friend you could have. She is here to make people happy. Find a Lily today!(:
I miss Lily.
by BeingMyself.(: July 07, 2011
A flower with the botanical name Lilium, emaneted from the family of the Liliaceae.
In her wedding bunch she had a beautiful lily.
by LilyLover July 30, 2006
Pure, true, honest, or clean.
All six of her boyfriends think she's lily...
by Erin Montgomery May 03, 2010
Lily is the most amazing beautiful girl in the usa. She has dance moves that could send a guy in a trans for days. Lilys are always loved and are always looked to for advice. Guys love lilys too.

baby: cute, big eyes, adored
toddler: cries on birthday and is cuddly
tween: turning into a masterpiece
teenager: gorgeous and everyone adores her
adult: wonderful mother and DOESN'T TAKE YOUR CRAP
elder: loves sharing stories and adores little children and enjoys life.
Joe: "oh. my. god."
Oliver and Joe: "I call her!"
Olliver and Joe: "No! I called her first!"
Joe: "NO I DID."
Oliver: "NO."
Mysterious guy: "Damn guys you can't have her she's Lily!"
by mysteriousdudeinthecorner August 24, 2009

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