The most amazing kiss ass person that has ever existed.
Able to kick ass at anything and will leave you feeling in love with only a smile.
p1: that girl is such a lily
lily: smiles at p2
p2: ...
p1: p2? p2? hello?
p2: *caries on gazing at lily*
by polak329 April 22, 2011
The sexiest girl EVER. Even at her worst, she is still the best.
*Lily walks by*
Random guy-"Oh my, Lily started a party in my pants."

"Dat girl Lily FINE! She sexier than Cristian!"
by lily>cristian August 14, 2011
The most beautiful person in the whole world. Without her, I don't know what I'd do. She just makes my day complete, and just talking to her brightens my day. I want her to be in my life forever, she just makes me want to scream, 'OMG I LOVE YOU LILY' because without her, there is no reason for my story. I love you Lily. <33
Jack: 'Did you see that girl just then?'
Johnny: 'Yeah, I think she's called Lily.'
Jack: 'She's beautiful. One day I will be blessed with her beauty in my life.'
by LilysStalker May 29, 2011
lily is an amazing young lady. she is deffinatly not a dirty hoe. she judges harshly and is usually right... about everything. she is extremly intelligent , tends so be self concious. she doesnt realise how incredibly gorgeous she really is. has an endless supply of friends and a list of haters. but the haters can suck it because they are just jealous about how truly amazing she is. no matter how far apart she may be or how many other things she has going on in her busy life. she will never stray far from whats important to her.
bob:hey see that girl over there?
joe: yea?
bob: her name is lily and that girl is my best friend.
by ceecee!!!!! April 05, 2013
Lily is the most stunning girl in the world, any guy would be happy to have her.
Be aware - She loves you more than anything and if you don't say something to her she will move on.
Lily I really love you
by LilzBBBB November 08, 2011
THE single most amazing, Beautiful, Cute and Sweet person you will ever meet.
She's always there for people when they need her and she always cheers people up.

Lily is the most amazing girl anyone will ever meet ever.
She's the most perfect girlfriend you will never have... Because she's mine <3
Person 1 "Who's that beautiful girl?!"
Person 2 "Oh that's Lily"
by BwyBwy November 02, 2012
BEST GIRL AROUND..... SHE IS SOOOO KICK ASS. she is the most beautiful girl ive seen. I would so date her. Shes HOT!!!! She is like i god from the heavens! She is sweet and nice and knows how to be romantic!! ANd dont forget funny!~ anyone would b lucky to date her! and get married! She is also a great kisser! They are blonde with great hair! and green or blue eyes! she is athletic and sporty!SHE RULES THE WORLD!
Lily RULES! best girls around....... I TAP THAT!
by Natalie17 February 20, 2011
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