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A spontaneous, fun, obnoxious, (ADHD), understanding girl. A Lilli is someone you can have fun with doing nothing. A Lilli is someone who you get drunk with at 7:30 in the morning and goto school. A Lilli is someone who convinces you to jump in the school pool with your clothes on, on the last day of freshman year. A Lilli is an overall amazing person who you never want to let go of.
That girl is such a Lilli I heard, We should hang out with her.
#lilli #ba #badass #freshman #spontaneous #fun
by Lillis Bestfrann July 10, 2008
A lilli is a strong, reliable and understanding person. They usually make incredible friends. they can be ridiculously funny and out going and loud. But they also have times when they need a bit of quiet. Lilli's are very talented in their singing and performing and will always take an opportunity to show the world what she's got, which is alot.
They are beautiful and lovable and also quite intelligent.
you're such a good friend, you must be a lilli.
#lilli #hannah #singing #phun #crazy #happy #love
by widgettheworldwatcher759209438 November 07, 2009
Looks: A Very Pretty, Foreign Girl. Usually Looks Very Exotic, And Gets Chatted Up By Everyone. Lilli's Are Sometimes Mistaken For Angels. Every Guy Wants To Get Into A Lilli's Pants And Will Usually Do Anything To Do It. Lilli's Can Be Described As A Modern 'Aphrodite'. Beautiful And Dangerous.

Personality: They Are Crazy, But In A Good Way; The Kind Of Girl That Will Jump In A Pond With All Her Clothes On, Just For A Laugh. They Are Very Hyperactive, And Great To Be Around. They Are The Kind Of People You Can Have Fun With Doing Nothing. Lilli's Are Usually Good Girls When It Comes To Guys, And Great Friends, But Are Quite Naughty At School. They Are Very Prone To Crushes On Teachers.

Good Things: They Are Strong, Physically And Mentally And Wont Take Any Rubbish From Anyone. Lilli's Have A Lethal Temper, But They Are Very Good Fighters. They're Dangerous If You Get Their Temper Up, But This Is What The Guys Like Best.

Friends: They Are Very Good Friends. They Are A One In A Million, Who Any Guy Would Be Lucky To Have. She Is The Kind Of Person People Could Open Up To.

Bad Things: Lilli's Are Very Sensitive, But Have A Huge Temper. They Can Be VERY Protective, And Care Too Much For Their Friends. They Are Usually Quite Stuck Up, And Will Speak Before Thinking. They Get Blinded By Anger Quite Often, And Often Hit Out At Whoever Had Annoyed Them.

Overall: A Lilli Is A Beautiful Girl, And A Great Friend Who You Would Never Want To Lose.
Guy 1: WHOA! Check Out That Lilli
Guy 2: I Call Dibs!
#lilli #beautiful #protective #singh #jayne
by DreamerGirlXx June 19, 2010
a Lilli is a person who is A BABE!!! one in a million...known for years...a bubbly person with a silly sense of humour...they are loyal and majestic!!
Lilli: hey
Elle: hey
Lilli: i love you!
Elle: i love you too!!
#lovely #hot #loyal #majestic #stiff #yummy
by Elle Smell July 03, 2009
A girl who is very understanding and is very forgiving . A Lilli is a very real person who doesn't try to look good just for boys . She does it for herself. She is an interesting person, and there is nobody quite like her. She loves music. She can sing her heart out but is shy about it. She tends to care too much for her friends well being and mouths off to teachers. Overall, she is a wonderful person with a beautiful soul.
Lilli is beautiful , inside or out!
#lilli #girl #perfect #music #soul
by Sweetlil220 December 18, 2012
The name of a girl who is very sweet, nice, amazing, funny, a great listener, and a fantastic photographer.

This girl has amazing talents and the whole world would be lucky to see them. She's a great listener, because despite the problem, she will always be there to listen and offer advice.

She's hilarious because she gives zero fucks about what people say, she's her own person.

Everyone wants to be a Lilli because she's literally perfect and gorgeous and yeah.
Damn, Caleb and Lilli are so cute together.
#lilly #lily #ashley #caleb #photography
by Lilli's Best Friend April 17, 2013
She's the reason you can't remember what you learned in class, or what the homework was. Basically, she's the reason your failing school. She's the palest girl you've ever seen, with raven black hair and the kinda eyes that make you want to die. It almost hurts to look at her. Everything about her is enticing. She's the girl all the bad guys want, because you know, while she sits there looking all ethereal and quiet, she's a wild one. She doesn't give a fuck about anything and is looking for you to show her a great time- from getting high to skinny dipping late at night. She is over-protective of her friends and family and is a bitch to whoever messes with them. You don't want to be on her bad side. Her quick sarcasm and seemingly emotional detachment add to her ''anti-girl'' charm and it breaks your heart to know she'll never love you as much as you love her. She's funny and the moment you realise she's into nerdy, fat, dirty, loser boys, you want to die. The fact that she doesn't trust anyone will get very annoying, but it won't ever stop you from trying. And it shouldn't; she's worth it.
Dude, Lillis so hot. Maybe i can bang her, if I get her high enough.
#lilly #lillie #sex #wild #enticing #loyal
by Americahellyeah November 17, 2013
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