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the conventional term would be
displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow.
an iridescent cloth, material, or other substance: new fall dresses of imported iridescents.

In my opinion, which I'm applying to Linkin Park's Song Iridescent is as follows: A beautiful song that starts out with the perspective of complete and utter sadness and devastation, which could be a possible reference to a death of a close friend (i.e killed right in front of you in during a war) or a torn family that resulted from a divorce. Along with that introduction, the medium of the piano is used which helps emphasize the emotions of isolation in the cold world. After the first verse and chorus, more and more ambient sounds are added in contribution to a gradual climax of significance to their message. Let all of your sadness go, because it wasn't your fault that your friend was killed in combat or if you're parents left you. Instead of harboring the malady of sadness and frustration, forgive yourself and let go of the guilt you held on to.
you should listen to iridescent, it wont take all the pain away, it'll be hard but you'll gradually be able to forgive yourself
by SpectreVex June 17, 2011
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