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Remnants of shit on the back of the toilet bowl after an explosive session of pooping.
Who took a shit? The bowl is fucking littered with wall jockeys.
by thesingleshot May 29, 2009
Synonymous with a lack of talent. Any social situation where in the pursuit of sexual relations (ie. "Hooking up") the deterrent presents itself as a simple shortage of the opposite gender, or no one around worth fucking.
"Dude let's bail, this bar is a middle school softball game."
by thesingleshot April 24, 2010
"Don't turn on the light, don't turn on the light!" Any female who appears attractive at the end of the night, but whose true form is revealed by proper lighting.
Yeah so Gina, right. She was slammin' at the club, right. Then i brings her home and was takin' her to town, right. Then Tommy bursts in the room and turns on the light, right. He's all like, bro-man, that bitch is a lightswitch gremlin!
by thesingleshot August 02, 2011
Rectal insertion. Based on the face of a clock with both arms pointing down. This can either refer to a sexual act, or the forceful inserting of a foreign object.
Oh yeah, i gave that floozy the the old six-thirty.
by thesingleshot April 06, 2011
Shot of alcohol which induces vomiting. Often occures when alcohol level is at capacity. In certain cases it may be the result of a full stomache. (Usually due to an individual being a pussy.)
That bitch can handle any kind of bomb, but straight whiskey is always his trigger shot.
by thesingleshot August 02, 2011
Day moonshine. Any alcoholic beverage consumed during the day time (day drinking). Derived from the drunken blinding effect caused by the sun going in and out of cloud coverage.
I gots me a handle of noonshine, get in this hot tub.
by thesingleshot March 03, 2011
Located at zero degrees longitude and zero degrees latitude, the Equaridian is the geographic point at which the Equator (0° latitude) and the Prime Meridian (0° longitude) intersect. This point is located in the Atlantic Ocean, about 380 miles (611 kilometers) south of Ghana and 670 miles (1078 km) west of Gabon.
"Hey what's at zero degrees longitude and zero degrees latitude?" "Oh that's the 'Equaridian'." "Are you drunk?"
by thesingleshot December 03, 2013

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