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When you see a free wi-fi connection, join the network but it makes you sign up to some bullshit or tries to charge you.
Hells yeah this place has free wifi.......
Nevermind, its just li-fi pretending to be free.
by KRUDDMANG February 04, 2016
tall, dark chocolate, handsome man.
I'm going to be nice this whole year so I can get a Lifi for Christmas and get naughty !
by IKA21 December 03, 2009
Stands for "Light Fidelity". Much faster then WiFi routers and whatnot, but it is not anywhere close to feasible yet.
Some companies were trying to implement LiFi.

Huh, I guess they blew $200,000 on Research and Development(R&D).
by wiubundobuntuos July 28, 2016
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