A very strong mixed signal from an industry association, particularly in the performing arts, given to a long-established figure. It is simultaneously a heartfelt pat on the back for a splendid career, and a forceful hint that said career is now over as far as the industry is concerned. Something like receiving a really meaningful hug while behind guided very meaningfully toward the door.
Ah, she's up for a Lifetime Achievement Award for her music career. Do you think she's going to write her autobiography or go on reality TV?
by DancingKali March 23, 2011
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The standard measurement for fun. The Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest form of fun achievable.
Kev: I went to a concert last night; it was so much fun!
Rae: But was it as fun as a Lifetime Achievement Award?
Kev: Of course not.
by a chiaroscuro soul November 24, 2008

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