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One of the coolest characters in *Non Sequitur*, one of the coolest comic strips around. Noted for being preternaturally intelligent, satirical, independent, clever, and sardonic.
Wow, if Danae from *Non Sequitur* ever grew up, she'd be you. I'm happy to know you.
by DancingKali April 10, 2011
A conformist passing herself off as a nonconformist by going to great lengths to conform to an allegedly nonconforming alternative conformity rather than conforming to the mainstream conformity that she thinks is stiflingly conformist.

Marked by a notable lack of originality and creativity, an absence of genuine artistic talent, and carefully maintained escape routes so that she can give up the game when it stops being convenient.
It costs her a lot of money to look so down-and-out." "Yeah, fauxhemianism is an expensive lifestyle.
by DancingKali March 24, 2011
Any speech, ideology, position, or stance that uses the language of feminism to cloak a thoroughly anti-feminist attitude (for example, that women should never be offered advice on how to reduce their risk of rape because it isn't their responsibility to reduce their risk of rape, and offering such advice is therefore insulting, demeaning, and victim-blaming).

Also, the practise of cloaking or justifying socially unacceptable bigotry, rage, or resentment in feminist terms that make it sound enlightened and progressive.
"So, now Caitlin is saying that she's dating Jessica to be more 'womon-affirming', whatever that means." "My god, such pseudofeminism ... wonder how Jessica feels to know Caitlin isn't dating her because she likes her."
by DancingKali August 12, 2011
A particular cinematic genre, characteristic of but not limited to the Lifetime Network, a/k/a "Television for Women who Conform to our Distorted Stereotype of our Target Demographic".

An extremely ominous phrase, "Lifetime Original Movie" heralds the advent of extreme tear-jerky melodrama, much gratuitous violence against (upper-middle-class white) women, and an unsubtle implication that men exist only to harm and exploit women.

The phrase can also refer to real-life versions of similar over-the-top pseudofeminist melodrama.
Whoa ... we are dealing with some heavy Lifetime Original Movie here.
by DancingKali March 23, 2011
The fabled celebrity mortuary where careers go to get embalmed.
There are three paths of burnout for a celebrity: Revolving door rehab, paycheck roles in bad movies, and, if you lose all self-respect, Hollywood Squares.
by DancingKali March 24, 2011
The sudden 180-degree whiplash that the typical female teen pop star undergoes at a certain magical age. Her public/stage persona, until this time, accentuated her virginity, purity, and innocence. Suddenly, Daddy's little girl morphs into PowerSlut Girl, and her stage persona and performance incorporate pole-dancing, nearly transparent clothing, exaggerated sexuality, and raunchy language and content.

The Age 18 About-Face can be avoided by a singer who has genuine talent and is something more than a music-industry manufactured product, but realistically, how many female teenage pop singers fill that bill?
You know J. Random Teenie-Singer, that blonde Momon purity queen whose hymen seems to be worshiped by half the music industry? Yeah, there are a lot of middle-aged men slavering for a year from now when she pulls her Age 18 About-Face.
by DancingKali April 10, 2011
A person with persistent, possibly permanent, sexual incapacity -- inability to achieve either erection or orgasm, or drastically reduced libido -- due to the side effects of SSRI antidepressants.
Uh, hon, you might think twice about going with that SSRI victim -- if you want a sex life, that is.
by DancingKali May 04, 2011

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